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Unified Mindfulness – Foundations – Julianna Raye


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Program Description:

Foundations is an introductory, self-paced on line education application designed to train contributors a way to manual each businesses and people in mindfulness exercise. Mindfulness is a studies supported exercise for handling strain and enhancing properly being.

As an method, Unified Mindfulness emphasizes the improvement of precise interest capabilities and the path will cognizance on coaching the approach of See, Hear, Feel. This approach allows human beings to exercise mindfulness whilst seated in stillness in addition to in each day life. It additionally suggests human beings how any revel in may be an possibility to increase mindfulness capabilities. This can growth their exercise possibilities and empower them with more preference approximately what to cognizance on, to increase their capabilities.

In over 10 hours of video, mindfulness trainer Julianna Raye will offer an advent to the idea and exercise of the Unified Mindfulness System. The path will encompass demonstration motion pictures of Julianna coaching the approach in each organization and man or woman formats. Participants will discover ways to train effectively—sharing principles clearly, speakme from revel in, guiding meditations, and responding to a variety of questions.

Participants additionally get a top level view of meditation studies via way of means of analyzing Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body via way of means of Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson. The bundle of lecture/demonstration motion pictures and analyzing will offer college students a sturdy basis in coaching mindfulness exercise to anyone, irrespective of their non-public beliefs.

This application is suitable for people who want to deepen and percentage mindfulness exercise and is especially properly ideal to intellectual fitness experts inquisitive about an powerful and sensible method to integrating mindfulness into their work.

Learning Goals for Video:

Upon crowning glory of this path, the scholar ought to have the ability to:

Provide a motivating surroundings for gaining knowledge of mindfulness

Instruct college students withinside the mindfulness approach: See, Hear, Feel

Lead an man or woman or organization in a guided meditation

Answer questions on mindfulness exercise and especially the See, Hear, Feel approach

Instruct in each a set and one-on-one setting

Learning Goals for Altered Traits:

Upon crowning glory of this path, the scholar ought to have the ability to:

Discuss a number of the primary conclusions that may be drawn from the meditation studies

Identify how meditation practices cause enduring adjustments

Describe the outcomes of meditation on markers of fitness which includes inflammation

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of a number of the studies methodologies which might be presently getting used to have a look at the outcomes of meditation

Identify variations among beginning, long-term, and adept meditators

Explain studies findings at the utility of mindfulness in precise populations and scientific syndromes which includes anxiety, PTSD, and depression

Differentiate among adjustments in states and tendencies as they relate to meditation

Course Outline:

Section I – Teaching Mindfulness to a Group

Chapter 1.  Helping Students Discover Their Motivation

Chapter 2. Inspiring Students Through Your Own Story

Chapter 3. Setting the Stage – Illustrating How Practice Works

Chapter 4. What Is & Why Unified Mindfulness

Chapter 5. Making Practice Easy Through Demonstration

Chapter 6. Reaching an Understanding with Your Students

Chapter 7. Guiding the “See, Hear, Feel” Technique

Chapter 8. Fielding Common Questions & Reports

Chapter 9. Addressing Sleepiness, Boredom & Other Frequent Issues

Chapter 10. Defining the Core Skills of Mindfulness

Chapter 11. Helping Compulsive Thinking & Other Common Challenges

Chapter 12. The Space of See, Hear, Feel, & Restful States

Chapter 13. Guiding the “See, Hear, Feel” Technique with Restful States

Chapter 14. Discovering the Question Hidden in a Student’s Report

Chapter 15. Teaching Tips for Consistent Practice

Section II. The Ten Tasks of Teaching Mindfulness

Chapter 1. Motivate Students to Practice

Chapter 2. Introduce Concepts When Students Need Them

Chapter 3. Explain How to Meditate

Chapter 4. Demonstrate and Have the Student Demonstrate

Chapter 5. Leading a Guided or Individual Mindfulness Meditation

Chapter 6. Check Understanding

Chapter 7. Ask and Answer Questions

Chapter 8. Get Support When Needed

Chapter 9. Quick Start

Chapter 10. Deepening Practice

Section III. Teaching Mindfulness to Individuals

Chapter 1.  Motivate the Student and Draw Out Reports – Beginning student

Chapter 2. Motivate the Student and Draw Out Reports – Experienced student

Chapter 3. Guiding a Meditation (Tour of the Senses)

Chapter 4. Answering Questions and Offering Guidance

Chapter 5. Demonstrate and Have Student Do the See, Hear, Feel Technique

Documents & Handouts

“Group Agenda & Lesson Plan” for a Mindfulness Workshop

“The Quickstart” Video and Guide

“Ten Tasks of Teaching Mindfulness” Guide

“The Most Common Questions about “See, Hear, Feel” Guide

Unified Mindfulness Is…
a system of meditation that’s easily researchable by science, with clear terminology and rigorous precision around concepts and procedures.

Developed over 50 years by Shinzen Young, U.M. is so precise and dependable, that revered institutions like Harvard Medical School, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Vermont and Vanderbilt use it as the basis for their research on meditation and its effects in the realms of neurosciences, psychology, clinical sciences and the overall well being of society.

A direct result of this research and precision is that the process of learning and teaching mindfulness has been thoroughly systemized in a way that makes it accessible to anyone interested.

The Unified Mindfulness system is a comprehensive, robust and refined support structure that any individual at any stage of meditation practice can rely on to go deeper in their insight and their ability to share it with others.

Unified is also a secular form of meditation, which means it’s not religious in any way so anyone, of any faith, can do it.

It provides an algorithmic, interactive framework inspired by Western methodologies for the key elements of Eastern contemplative traditions.

In short, it’s the merging of the best of the East with the best of the West.
A Closer Look At Foundations
Foundations is a 100% online, interactive and self-paced learning experience. You’ll learn how to guide both a group and an individual using the “See Hear Feel” technique by mastering the “Ten Tasks of Teaching Mindfulness.”

It’s hosted on our cloud-based learning platform, so you can access the training from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – 24/7.

Designed using the latest research on learning methodologies, Foundations is a comprehensive training program designed to make the training fun, intuitive and effective for everyone.

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