The Harmony Client Masterclas – Scott Oldford



The Harmony Client Masterclas – Scott Oldford


The Harmony Client Masterclas – Scott Oldford

I want to share with you, how to do this inside of your own life and business, so that you don’t scale a business that you come to resent, blow up or create life where it never seems you’re at the right time and place for success.


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The Harmony Client Masterclas – Scott Oldford

The Harmony Client Masterclas - Scott Oldford

In our journey as Entrepreneurs, it’s really easy to buy into the belief that we should just do… “what it takes”.

Success is something that is so easy to say… “I’m going to go to do that”.

What I’ve found, however, is that no matter what level you’re on as an Entrepreneur, there are 3 core elements that are critical to balance. 

If they aren’t balanced properly, you start to build your life from a place that isn’t aligned. 

This impact every choice you make from that point forward.

That means your life (and business) becomes the accumulation of choices that aren’t in integrity with yourself.

I know, because I’ve been there. Multiple times.

Success might come… in the eyes of your friends and family. Yet, inside, you know you’re living someone else’s version of success.

After mentoring so many Entrepreneurs, along with understanding much more deeply how to build balance, alignment and harmony inside of our life and business. 

I want to share with you, how to do this inside of your own life and business, so that you don’t scale a business that you come to resent, blow up or create life where it never seems you’re at the right time and place for success. 

I’ve been there, your business just doesn’t seem like it’s getting the traction.

Or perhaps, you have traction and momentum but you know deep down something is out of alignment.

Because, when you just scale and grow for the sake of it…

Your life feels out of control… every day.

And you don’t have to have a super successful business already in order to “afford” this harmony “thing”.

You feel like you’re going upstream.

No goal. No amount of money. No success. No victory, will ever fill the void that you fill inside.

Alignment inside of our business allows for harmony inside of our life.

You will feel unstable, unfulfilled and seek adenerline, dopamine and significance from every area of your life.

You can’t make good choices…

Every day, you go closer towards the things you don’t want, instead of those you do.

I’m not telling you that you’ll be happy every day of your life. Nor, am I telling you that Entrepreneurship isn’t a wild ride and that it’s “easy”.

However, if it’s aligned. The hard things and the things that others see as obligations feel instead, like the greatest opportunities.

W H O I S S C O T T ?


After nearly 20 years of entrepreneurship, I’ve experienced a lot of high’s and low’s.

I’ve scaled over a dozen of my own businesses past 7-figures. I’ve helped thousands of Entrepreneurs do the same and my work has been viewed by over 10 million Entrepreneurs worldwide.

Today, I helped Entrepreneurs scale their business in way that brings harmony, freedom & fun. I’m excited to help you.


A little more on alignment and why it’s so important inside of your life…


I want to share with you a new methodology that was birthed from building businesses that aren’t just about making money or stroking the ego. Rather, from a place of intentionally and the ability to help us build better lives and create a greater ripple, during our life.

For Online Business owners who sell Coaching, Mentorship, Consulting, Courses, Information or Transformation.

Here’s what I’ve found about alignment and why it’s so important.

I’ve developed a framework that has worked with me and those Entrepreneurs I’ve been able to mentor over the past number of years. So that you can create success and fulfillment and eventually harmony. 

Inside of this 2-hour Masterclass I’m going to share with you the Harmony Triangle Method…

This is the accumulation of thousands of hours of mentoring other Entrepreneurs to build their dreams into reality.

This is something that you can apply no matter if you’re starting out or you already have a massive business.

The only question that matters at the end is simple.

Are you ready to have harmony in your life?

This 5 part workshop is just over 2 hours long and you’ll receive access for life.

And while this experience has taught me what works and what doesn’t work.

For you: I desire that you build a business using the right strategies, tactics and frameworks.

Further, I desire that you do it on your own terms, in a way that is in alignment with your version of success so you can find the same harmony, I’ve found.

While I’m known largely for scaling businesses through the effectiveness of the 6 pillars of a 7+ figure business…

These simple 2 hours is the deep work I do with those I mentor and advise.

Instead of trying to write something, I recorded this short video so you understand exactly why this is so important for the next level of your life (and business).

What exactly is the Harmony Triangle?

And why does it matter for scaling?

My trainings have been bought by tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs over the past 7 years.

This is a Masterclass in a style that I’ve never done before, giving you an inside look of what has helped me build true success & freedom.

Which right now, is just $197

So, I want to get you in on the Masterclass

(and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, you can get a refund…)

Get instant, lifetime access

For Entrepreneurs who want to build a business that allows for a life of balance, harmony and success.
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