Talmadge Harper – Wealth Praxis Omega Program: Standard



Talmadge Harper – Wealth Praxis Omega Program: Standard


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Talmadge Harper - Wealth Praxis Omega Program: Standard Talmadge Harper – Wealth Praxis Omega Program: Standard

The original Wealth Praxis Omega Program was a HUGE success. However, I can only create custom mp3s for so many people, because of this I could only accept 10 people or less a year. However, I am still getting interested parties who want to be in the program. To answer this need I have streamlined the program into lectures and mp3s that will work for everyone. Once a week any and all emails sent to me will be answered in the format of a video lecture so everyone can benefit. In addition, everyone will get access to weekly lectures and mp3s to help you with your progress.

Many people don’t realize this but 9 years ago I was broke and living in my sister’s bedroom in my parent’s house. In desperation, I begin applying principles I learned from hypnosis and massive studying. Within 6 months I had broken through the 6 figure income gap and was running my own successful hypnosis business. There is a reason that 99% of all self-help and work at home programs don’t work. But before we begin let me share with you a story.

Have you ever seen a fly or an insect try to reach the outside by going through a window? It will literally spend hours and hours and hours trying to get through that window. And it thinks if it just tries a little harder, somehow…it will get through that window. But it never does, it ends up dying on the window seal.

Have you ever tried to help the fly by opening up a door or another window? Then you know it doesn’t work, it just keeps slamming into the window. The only way to help it is to open the window it’s trying to get out of.

Why does this happen? Its because nobody ever told the fly what a window is, nobody ever explained that is an invisible barrier that needs to be removed, or go around. You have an invisible barrier to that nobody has ever told you about. this is why no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to reach those income goals that you have. Its because you are trying to move through an invisible barrier that nobody ever told you about. This barrier is called your SBS, or subconscious belief system, or in most of your cases subconscious “BS”, because most of our beliefs systems are based on absolute B.S.

Everyone has a subconscious belief system about how much wealth can be made, what is possible, whether or not they are worthy of money, whether or not achieving income is a difficult or easy thing to do. All of these beliefs from an invisible barrier. It is not until you remove this barrier and open the window will you be able to move into freedom. Its inevitable, its a basic law of the universe. Once the beliefs have been changed the reverse will start to happen. They will become a barrier that prevents you from ever financially struggling again. No matter how hard you try, you won’t’ be able to stop attracting and making more money than you can imagine because your SBS system will have a new direction.

This is how the Wealth Praxis Omega Program works, and this is why I can offer a double your money back guarantee. Because its IMPOSSIBLE for you to not succeed if you follow the program that customized for you. The same way I can offer you a double your money back guarantee if you were to jump into a pool of water and not get wet, its because its impossible not too. What’s included in the download? You will be contacted and interviewed to find out what your concrete financial and life goals are. Its recommended that at the very least you wish to double your existing income. However I encourage everyone to really go for what they really want. You will get access to specially created mp3s and video lectures PROVEN to provide the results you see in the testimonials. You will be given a step by step plan to reach your goals which you will need to follow along with the instructions. Its also

recommended that you let go of what you think is possible and only go for what you WANT. What do you TRULY want? What do you TRULY DESIRE? This program will be customized for YOUR SPECIFIC LIFE DESIGN. This program is recommended for people who have absolutely no clue where to begin and need a complete life redesign. What’s the best way to maximize effectiveness? Follow the instructions and Listen to your 5 Customized Wealth Mp3s tailored for your specific income.

What is the expected outcome?

1. You will reach your income goals within 12 months.

2. You will find that your habits and belief systems radically transform allowing you to consistently produce higher income

3. Any and all financial goals will be reached within 6 months or less.

4. Your life will transform like magic, in an easy, and fun manner. What commitment do you have to make?

Listen to your custom mp3s, follow my instructions and commit to the program for 6 months. This includes keeping a hand written journal. The journal must be hand written, type written journals are not as effective


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