Stripper Shark (without upsells) – Julian Foxx



Stripper Shark (without upsells) – Julian Foxx


As you know, many men face problems getting laid these days. With the fast forward digital generation, sex has become a desire that is very hard to fulfil. And when things like sex simply remain a desire, you feel lost and unhappy always.



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As you know, many men face problems getting laid these days. With the fast forward digital generation, sex has become a desire that is very hard to fulfil. And when things like sex simply remain a desire, you feel lost and unhappy always. Trust me, I’m a man too. I know you’re frustrated, feeling dull and phased-out! But this is okay, everyone has their dark days, but not doing anything about it is absolutely wrong.

You may have gone to multiple night clubs, strip clubs or hired many strippers to strip you, but you simply haven’t been able to DO IT! So, my mate, this is your chance! This program called ‘Stripper Shark’ has cracked the Stripper Code. It lets you fuck dozens of strippers without you having to pay for a lapdance. If you’re wondering ‘why strippers’… Here’s why…

  • An unlimited supply of the best sex you’ve ever had
  • Every woman will be jealous when you’re with your mysterious and sexy new friend’
  • Every man around you will think you’re the fucking man!

They’re the best if you’re looking for some horny women. I’ll tell you why…

Strippers are the horniest women!

You see them stripping in the strip bars but they can’t have sex with anyone they like. They’re always in a sexually charged environment, yet they have to refrain themselves. That’s why strippers are frustrated and the horniest women in the world! If you’re someone who doesn’t like approaching women or has a hard time approaching women, then strippers are the best for you!

They know their jobs and they always make the first move. It is very easy to give in and do it with them. Also, they look gorgeous! Some say they smell and taste way better than other women. They have better bodies, are way more confident and know what to do the best. Also, you could have a threesome if you’re lucky.

This program is the ultimate stripper banging system that lets you overcome your sexual frustration and desires in the easiest manner.


Stripper Shark is a step-by-step program that has lots of secret tactics jam-packed into one huge guide. It teaches you how you can get into any stripper’s g-string. All the tricks that you’d like to know are put into words in the simplest and the horniest language possible. It helps you know the following:

  • What words strippers want to hear
  • How they want to be touched and seduced
  • What to say in any situation
  • How to make a stripper stop seeing you as a customer and a potential boyfriend
  • Which techniques to use for the kiss
  • How you can finally get laid and have the horniest sex

To explain these tricks and techniques, Stripper Shark is divided into four parts. Each part will help you learn a new technique. This is an audio training program that comes with an amazing bonus today – ‘One, Two, Threesome Bonus E-book’. Also, you get a Strippers Unstripped Coaching Sessions- 14 days trial program. All at a discounted price!

What do you get in the Stripper Shark system?

Stripper Shark program comes in 4 training audio parts. Here they are…

Stripper Shark Part 1: Breaking Through Her Defensive Barrier

  • BURST HER ‘ACT’ LIKE A BUBBLE – You’ll easily win her by learning this technique.
  • THE TRICK THAT GETS HER TRUST – You can now win her trust easily.
  • A CRYSTAL BALL THAT SEES STRIPPERS – You can now see what she’s really like.

Stripper Shark Part #2: “Slipping It In For The First Time”

  • FUCK THE RIGHT ONE FIRST – You will be able to pick a perfect stripper for you.
  • UNLEASH HER INNER SEX QUEEN – You will be able to stimulate her sexual desires.
  • MAKE HER PUSSY ‘OFF LIMITS’ – You will be able to control her pussy.

Stripper Shark Part #3: “The Stripper Domino Effect”

  • NEXT STRIPPER PLEASE!” – Meet more strippers through one.
  • YOUR VERY OWN “PUSSY MAGNET” – You can now make connections with women outside the club as well.

Stripper Shark Part #4: “Earning Her Loyalty For Life

  • KEEP YOUR STRIPPER A SECRET – You will be able to keep this affair a secret forever.
  • ADVENTURES IN ‘STRIPPER SITTING’ – You will now be able to flirt with a stripper easily.
  • STRIPPER SUGAR MAMA? – You will be able to make her spend on you.

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