Sacred Energy Healing & Activations – Lori Spagna



Sacred Energy Healing & Activations – Lori Spagna


  •    Trust
  •     Anxiety
  •     Faith and Inspiration
  •     Optimism and Hope

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Sacred Energy Activations and Transformational Healing Circle for People and Animals

This event is offered only once or twice per year

To participate and find out when the next live circle is, join our community by joining our newsletter for regular updates:

These Sacred Energy Activations and Healing Transmissions are provided as direct downloads and uploads directly from the Purest,

Clearest Vibration of Original Divine Source ~ Creator of All That Is.

They are designed specifically for people and animals and have been directly downloaded and uploaded to me and my holographic matrix, so that I may be of service in the Highest and Best Ways possible, at this time of Shift.

All are invited.

There is no pre-requirement or pre-requisite to attend and participate.

These LIVE events are generally 60-90 minutes in length; they are primarily pure Divine Source Sacred Energy transmissions.

Each event highlights different and unique areas of reality for healing – always based on your requests and on guidance from Divir Source Consciousness.
Some of the ongoing issues which will be addressed include:

  •     Trust
  •     Anxiety
  •     Faith and Inspiration
  •     Optimism and Hope
  •     Self Worth and Confidence
  •     Creating and Enhancing Love & Romance
  •     Emotional Instability
  •     Releasing Fear and Worry
  •     Physical Healing and Regeneration
  •     Receiving and Allowing
  •     Soul Expansion
  •     Truth, Honesty and Integrity
  •     Receiving Wisdom and Knowledge
  •     Aligning with Divine Purpose and Mission
  •     Connection to Spirit
  •     Heart Opening and Expansion
  •     Being Heard, Understood and Acknowledged
  •     Developing and Improving Belief in Self
  •     Resolving and Clearing Trauma
  •     Realigning Belief Systems
  •     Resolving Judgements
  •     Releasing Anger and Resentments
  •     Forgiveness
  •     Releasing Energetic Chords and Attachments
  •     Ascension Symptoms

We'll also be clearing energetic blocks and real and perceived barriers to:

  •     Oneness and Unity Consciousness
  •     Love
  •     Joy and Happiness
  •     Health and Well Being on All Levels ~ Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic
  •     Peace and Harmony
  •     Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth
  •     Personal Mission and Divine Purpose
  •     Interpersonal Relationships and Romance
  •     Sacred Sexuality and Sensuality
  •     Pleasure, Satisfaction, Excitement and Fulfillment in All Areas of Life

Some of the benefits which many people and animals have already received from participating in these live Sacred Energy Activation and Healing Transmissions Events include:

  •     Assist with healing health related issues
  •     Release pain
  •     Reduce stress and anxiety
  •     Resolve relationship issues
  •     Expand the heart center
  •     Open up and activate the major energy centers (chakras)
  •     Transmute wounds, traumas, dramas and karma
  •     Transform limitations and limited thinking
  •     Remove blocks to self trust, self acceptance and self loveEnhance and resolve relationship issues
  •     Sharpen intuitive and empathic abilities
  •     Strengthen brain functioning and capacity
  •     Improve inner peace and harmony
  •     Bring sanity, peace of mind and tranquility
  •     Revive Faith in Divinity, Source, Yourself and The World
  •     Upgrade self confidence
  •     Restore positivity into all areas of life
  •     Clear nativities and blocks
  •     Increase inner knowing
  •     Escalate personal empowerment
  •     Activate unbounded energy, motivation and inspiration
  •     Attract higher vibration circumstances and situations
  •     Actualize manifestation and turn dreams into reality
  •     Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

Best of all, each of these LIVE Sacred Energy Activations and Healing Transmissions will benefit both YOU and YOUR Animal


If you and/or your animal companions are experiencing any kind of emotional, physical and/or mental dis-ease or dis-harmony, this

call is what you have been looking for…

You will get the answers that doctors don’t know and can’t tell you, plus the energy healing to heal and resolve the issues which are at the root cause of the illnesses, discomforts and diseases you have been experiencing. Plus, you will get tons of fabulous coaching,

support and guidance too.

Above all, we will be strengthening and creating new connections and alignments with the Highest, Purest, Clearest Vibrational

Connections to Original Source ~ Creator ~ The Divine.

You don’t have to be experiencing troubles to join us – the energy benefits, heals and elevates all beings..uplifting your vibration and

elevating your frequency and your animals too!

Experience the profound and life changing results that so many humans and animals are already receiving and benefiting from.

Every circle is entirely new and unique.

Healing is based on YOUR requests and also as Divine Source Guides.

All live events are recorded and are available for repeat listening.

Please join us!

The LIVE tele-class information will be emailed directly to you the week before the live event. You do not have to be present on the live call to receive the benefits. As always, the live energy will be equally effective in delayed playback. The call will be recorded for delayed listening and will be also emailed directly to all participants

A note to official not for profit Animal Rescue Organizations: This call is gifted to official not for profit animal rescue organizations, if you are an official representative of a 502c3 not for profit animat rescue organization, you are welcome to join us as Lori's gift to you and your organization and hold space for the animats in your care. Please email us or connect with us via the contact page on this website to register.

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