Intrigue Black Book – Derek Rake



Intrigue Black Book – Derek Rake


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Capture Her Attention And Get Her Interested Under 30 Seconds… The Intrigue Black Book™ Shows You How

BY POPULAR DEMAND: The Intrigue Black Book™ is an advanced add-on to the Shogun Method's Intrigue Module – with new tactics, updated concepts and detailed examples on how to deliver potent Intrigue Pings on women.

WARNING! Do not buy this program if you do not have access to the core Shogun Method course. The Intrigue Black Book™ is absolutely NOT for beginners.



  • Three (3) Intrigue Pings you can use in everyday situations
  • Three (3) Intrigue Pings you can use in social environments
  • Three (3) Intrigue Pings you can use in a noisy environment (clubs or bars)
  • The most fundamental principle of Intrigue Generation – "L*** is A***** M***"
  • A secret "hack" that brings your Intrigue Pings to the next level – infuse it with the same principle which powers up Implanted Commands
  • The crucial differences between Shogun Method Intrigue Pings and Pickup Artist "opener routines" or pickup lines
  • The Five Grounding Principles of Intrigue Pings – obey all five and your success is pretty much guaranteed
  • The single most important aspect of the Intrigue stage inside the IRAE Model
  • The art of timing your Intrigue Pings – especially crucial when you're in a club or bar
  • Why you don't even need to be a good conversationalist to make a woman intrigued
  • The biggest misconception about the the initial approach – why you don't NEED to spark instant attraction
  • What if you "screw up" an Intrigue Ping? Follow this no-fail rebound strategy
  • The difference between face-to-face and text/online Intrigue Pings
  • The ONLY valid reason to use Intrigue Pings via text (warning: disobey this rule and you'll see things go badly quickly!)
  • (ADVANCED) How to use Intrigue Pings to put your target under trance…
  • (ADVANCED) How to infuse your Intrigue Pings with trance-inducing statements, get your target to relax and put her guard down…
  • (ADVANCED) The "L*** M*" Intrigue Ping that subconsciously increase your appeal in her mind – sneaky yet highly effective!
  • How to take your Intrigue generation levels to the next level: with the “Asshole Game”
  • The “S*** S** Hypothesis” which explains why assholes are seen to be more sexually attractive than nice guys
  • The “right” kind of asshole to be (Warning! Being the “wrong” kind will pretty much destroy your appeal in her eyes immediately)
  • How to calibrate your “Ass-Holiness” to the woman you’re with for maximum results
  • The four levels of “Ass-Holiness” – discover which level to pick given your situation or relationship status (you MUST know this)
  • Nine (9) case studies with examples and detailed lines you can use immediately
  • Five (5) steps to take to implement “Asshole Game” in your relationship for quick results
  • And more!

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