Ericksonian Hypnosis Online Course (Full) – Bill O’Hanlon Available, only 65 USD



Ericksonian Hypnosis Online Course (Full) – Bill O’Hanlon Available, only 65 USD


Ericksonian Hypnosis Online Course (Full) – Bill O’Hanlon. Though therapeutic hypnosis has had many great practitioners make significant contributions in both research and application, few have left as much of a defining mark on hypnotic form and practice as the psychiatrist, Dr. Milton Erickson.

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Ericksonian Hypnosis Online Course (Full) – Bill O’Hanlon

What will you get: 

  • Module 1 Intro-induction to Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Module 2 Elements of Trance Induction Inviting Altered States
  • Module 3 Trance Phenomena Inviting Automatic Change
  • Module 4 Hypnotherapy Creating Change With Trance
  • Module 5 Specific Applications
  • Bonuses

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Taught By Erickson expert, Bill O’Hanlon

*42 Continuing Education (CE) Clock Hours for Behavioral Health Professionals

Though healing hypnosis has had many outstanding practitioners make massive contributions in each studies and application, few have left as a good deal of a defining mark on hypnotic shape and exercise because the psychiatrist, Dr. Milton Erickson. Weaving non-directive approaches, wealthy in metaphor and complexity, Erickson become capable of assist human beings revel in radical and advantageous change.

In the years after his death, Dr. Erickson’s scholar (and someday gardener), Bill O’Hanlon, labored to translate the occasionally mystical paintings of Erickson right into a shape that others ought to study and observe of their personal medical exercise. O’Hanlon made it his venture to assist others study the transformational techniques of Ericksonian Hypnosis, and he has educated heaps of human beings all through the sector in Dr. Erickson’s medical approach.

In this on-line path, O’Hanlon takes the classes that he discovered reading below Erickson, in conjunction with together along with his personal a long time of revel in as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and medical trainer, and has curated the fine of all of it in those attractive classes and hypnosis demonstrations. As O’Hanlon is shifting farfar from stay education, he desired to ensure he ought to nonetheless empower human beings, and he believes that this path has allow him distill his maximum stand out lectures and hypnotic demonstrations to create, what he with a bit of luck believes is, his maximum whole hypnosis education ever! Do now no longer pass over this possibility to study from one of the masters of Ericksonian hypnosis.

Course Learning Objectives

  1. To consider the innovative legacy of Dr. Milton Erickson, and how his non-directive approach to hypnosis can create foundations for lasting change.
  2. To explore various concepts and techniques in the Ericksonian approach to clinical hypnosis.
  3. To observe multiple demonstrations of Ericksonian hypnosis use with a variety of issues and populations..
  4. To process the further application of the Ericksonian hypnosis with recorded couching calls with students of the approach.

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This training contains 42 clock hours of behavioral health continuing education* under the approval bodies listed below.

PsychMaven is responsible for all aspects for this program.

*PsychMaven has been approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) as an Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) for both Live/Real Time and Home Study continuing education (CE) Programs. ACEP No.6624. This program is designed to meet the standards of NBCC content areas no.1 (Counseling Theory/Practice and the Counseling Relationship). PsychMaven is solely responsible for all aspects of this program.

*PsychMaven is a Licensed Social Worker Continuing Education Provider under the Texas State Board for Social Worker Examiners (Provider No. 7751). PsychMaven may provide continuing education to Social Workers certified and/or licensed in that state, and in other states/jurisdictions that accept the Continuing Education (CE) approval of other state Social Work boards. Please contact your state licensing board if you have questions about the acceptability of continuing education (CE) hours.

*PsychMaven is an Approved Education Provider (AEP) for NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC No. 122584) and may offer approved clock hours for programs that meet NAADAC requirements. This program is designed to primarily meet NAADAC counselor skills group no.4 (Counseling Services)

*Students who have previously taken this Bill O’Hanlon training have had the hours approved by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) as an advanced training after petitioning the organization. PsychMaven cannot guarantee that hours will still be accepted by ASCH, but students may contact the organization at to explore this option if you choose.

For the latest on the the CE Approvals of PsychMaven, as well as guidance on CE requirements for different disciplines, visit us at

Course Curriculum

Ericksonian Hypnosis
Module 1: Induction to Ericksonian Hypnosis

Introduction to Module 1 (1:29)

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References to “Coaching Calls,” “Comment Board,” & “Homework”

Books for More In-Depth Learning (2:19)

1.1 Intro to Solution-Oriented Hypnosis 1: Permissive vs. Directive (13:14)

Trance for getting the most out of this course

1.2: Evocation vs. Suggestion (5:55)

1.3: Aims of Ericksonian vs. Traditional Hypnosis (12:18)

Meetings With a Remarkable Man

Trance indicators (PDF)

Ericksonian Bibliography (PDF)

1.4: The Making of a Master: Milton Erickson (35:22)

Module 2 (Part 1): Elements of Trance Induction: Inviting Altered States

2.1: Permission and Inclusion (9:42)

2.1.1: Skill Building 1 Permission and Inclusion (4:57)

2.1.2: Example of Giving Permission in Trance Induction 1 (audio)

2.1.3: Example of Giving Permission in Trance Induction 2 (audio)

2.1.4: Example of Giving Permission in Trance Induction 3

2.2: Induction: Orient to Previous Trance Experiences (5:10)

2.2.1: Evocation of Previous Trance-Like Experiences Demo (5:28)

2.2.2: Skill Building with Evoking Previous Experiences (2:34)

2.3 Ericksonian Hypnosis Induction Elements 3 Presupposition (15:33)

2.3.1 Presupposition demo (4:43)

2.3.2 Skill Building 3 Presupposition (2:35)

2.3.3 The Illusion of Alternatives (2:42)

2.3.4 Erickson Using Presupposition in an Induction (0:13)

2.4 Ericksonian Hypnosis Induction Elements 4 Splitting (5:48)

2.4.1 Splitting demo (3:29)

2.4.2 Skill Building for Splitting (2:29)

Post-Test: Part 1

Module 2 (Part 2): Elements of Trance Induction: Inviting Altered States-

2.5 Ericksonian Hypnosis Induction Elements 5 Linking (7:01)

2.5.1 Linking demo (3:30)

2.5.2 Skill Building 5 Linking (1:31)

2.6 Ericksonian Hypnosis Induction Elements 6 Interspersal (9:03)

2.6.1 Interspersal demo (2:04)

2.6.2 Skill Building 6 Interspersal (2:29)

2.7 Ericksonian Hypnosis Induction Elements 7 Description (6:59)

2.7.1 Description demo (1:48)

2.8 Ericksonian Hypnosis Induction Elements 8 Truisms (3:11)

2.8.1 Truisms demo (2:03)

2.9 Practice Trance Exercise 1 Permission and Inclusion (9:07)

2.10 Practice Trance Exercise 2 Evocation of Previous Trance Experiences (5:01)

2.11 Practice Trance Exercise 3 Presupposition (2:52)

2.12 Practice Trance Exercise 4 Splitting (2:04)

2.13 Practice Trance Exercise 5 Linking (1:32)

2.14 Practice Trance Exercise 6 Interspersal (2:18)

Four Doorways Into Altered States (10:26)

2.15 Ericksonian Hypnosis Induction Elements 9 Rhythm (4:07)

2.16 Ericksonian Hypnosis Induction Elements 10 Matching (5:15)

Trance-Scripts: Induction Prompts and Wording

Complete Induction Example: Translated trance (23:23)

2.17 The Confusion Technique (4:24)

Module 2 (Part 3): Elements of Trance Induction: Inviting Altered States

Wordsmithing in Ericksonian/Solution-Oriented Hypnosis

The Quick Guide to Ericksonian/Solution-Oriented Hypnosis

Checklist for Ericksonian Hypnosis Inductions

There’s No Such Thing As a Weed: Erickson’s Utilization Approach (76:22)

What if They Don’t Come Out of Trance? (4:25)

Session: Hypnosis with cancer and pain (55:37)

Post-Test: Part 2

Module 3: Trance Phenomena: Inviting Automatic Change

Welcome to Module 3 (0:42)

3.1 Trance Phenomena (16:44)

3.2 Evoking Automatic Changes in Trance (9:17)

3.3 Evoking Hand and Arm Levitation (5:48)

3.3.1 Milton Erickson hand and arm levitation example (1975) (7:32)

3.3.2 Milton Erickson Example of Hand and Arm Levitation (1957) (9:14)

3.3.3 Practice Hand and Arm Levitation (5:22)

3.3.4 O’Hanlon Hand and Arm Levitation example (15:55)

Post-Test: Part 3

Module 4: Hypnotherapy- Creating Change With Trance

4.0 Welcome to Module 4: Hypnotherapy (1:13)

4.1 The Unconscious and Trance (15:25)

4.2 When To and When Not To Use Trance (4:04)

4.2.1 Skill Building When To and When Not To Use Trance (2:23)

4.3 The Class of Problems Class of Solutions Model Part 1 (32:06)

4.3.1 The Class of Problems Class of Solutions Model Part 2 (14:01)

4.3.2 Skill Building Using the Class of Problems Class of Solutions Model (2:32)

4.3.3 Treating Warts Application of Class of Problems Class of Solutions (8:16)

4.4 Storytelling in Ericksonian/Solution-Oriented Hypnosis (19:28)

4.4.1 The African Violet Queen (8:36)

4.4.2 The Brick Wall (4:26)

Complete Hypnosis Session with Mo in London, England (56:11)

4.5 Symptomatic Trance and Healing Trance video (10:33)

4.5.1 The 3-D Model of Trauma

4.6 Inclusive Therapy (16:13)

The Inclusive Self

4.6.1 Demonstration of Inclusion in Trance (24:30)

4.6.2 Demonstration of Inclusive Therapy (54:38)

Contradiction: An original inclusive song co-written by Bill

4.6.3 Practice Inclusive Therapy (3:58)

4.7 Self-Hypnosis (16:53)

4.8 The Process of Solution-Oriented Hypnosis (10:04)

Doing Solution-Oriented Hypnosis

Complete Hypnosis Session with Madeline Pain Control

Hypnotherapy Example: Treatment of a Chronic Cough (34:20)

Pain Control Hypnotherapy Session: Cancer pain (Louie) (70:52)

4.9 Hypnotherapy as Editing Experience (5:05)

Post-Test: Part 4

Module 5: Specific Applications

5.1 Pain Reduction and Management (14:17)

5.1.1 Milton Erickson Examples of Pain Control (5:42)

5.1.2 Beside Yourself with Comfort: Pain Control

5.1.3 Hypnosis for migraines

5.1.4 Hypnosis for labor and comfortable childbirth

5.1.5 Hypnosis for comfortable childbirth and labor 2

5.2 Calm Beneath the Waves: Help for Anxiety, Panic and Desperation

5.3 Moving On 1: A trance to help resolve sexual abuse

5.3.1 Moving On 2: Another trance to help resolve sexual abuse

5.4 Trance for insomnia

5.4.1 A trance for overcoming insomnia

5.5 Hypnosis for weight management

5.6 Trance for confidence

5.7 Food Flexibility Trance

5.8 Mastering Self Hypnosis

5.9 Doing Group Inductions (25:43)

5.9.1 Example of a Group Induction (10:54)

Post-Test: Part 5

Further Material, Examples, and Demonstrations

Milton Erickson: Pioneer of Plasticity and Evocative Change

Utilizing Hypnosis with Children: Dog Phobia (22:37)

Demonstration trance of working with the 3-D Model (34:57)

Hypnosis, Solution-Focused Work, Imagination and Play (62:18)

Demonstration of hypnosis for insomnia (41:38)

Hypnosis demonstration with Martha’s client (57:12)

Coaching Call Recordings

About the Coaching Calls

Coaching and demonstration call- July 7, 2016 (65:47)

Coaching and demo call September 6, 2016 (101:31)

Demonstration coaching call July 8, 2017 (video) (99:30)

Demonstration video session May 11, 2018 (87:01)

Coaching call #1 May 19, 2018

Coaching call #2 May 27, 2018

Coaching call #3 June 2, 2018

Coaching call #4 June 24, 2018

Coaching call #5 July 2, 2018

Coaching call #6 August 6, 2018

Demonstration call August 5, 2018 (video) (114:33)

Post-Test: Part 6

Course Evaluation & CE Certificate

CE Certificate Information

Course Evaluation

Course Completion Statement

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