Akroasis – Hans Kayser



Akroasis – Hans Kayser


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A NEW EPOCH will not be satisfied to orient itself on imperishable models of other times, but will have to re-establish those great principles as a new experience coming out of its own thinking and situation.

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Akroasis – Hans Kayser

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A NEW EPOCH will now no longer be glad to orient itself on imperishable fashions of different times, however will re-setup the ones notable standards as a brand new revel in popping out of its very own wondering and situation. Harmonics aren’t always so presumptuous as to keep in mind itself to be the manner to this orientation, however one in every of many ways, all of which try for the equal goal, giving a course withinside the midst of the maximum burning issues of today.” So wrote Hans Kayser, giving the kernel of his principle of global wide harmonics. He re-determined the principle withinside the philosophy of Pythagoras, turning into satisfied that the stability of Western idea became destroyed when “touch” and “sight” have been harassed to the detriment of “hearing.” Although harmonics makes use of musical references, specifically to the monochord, the device Pythagoras utilized in his experiments, this principle does now no longer cope with the track in line per se, however with the indicators in a track that factor to harmonious wondering and living.

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