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LinkedIn Ads Workshop – Ben Kniffen


LinkedIn Ads Workshop – Ben Kniffen

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LinkedIn Ads Workshop – Ben Kniffen


Harness the Power of the World’s Largest Professional Network To Drive High-Quality Leads And Sales On Demand… Regardless of Your Niche, Size, or Experience

Are You Burnt Out From The B2B Grind?

If you are, you’re not alone.

As a matter of fact, 85% of B2B businesses consider lead generation their #1 challenge. 1

And it’s no surprise.

Getting a consistent volume of highly qualified leads for your B2B business is incredibly difficult.

It’s a constant hustle of…conventions, trade shows, networking events, cold calling, door knocking, and more.

Every day is the same…swimming through a sea of rejection, frustrated & tired…

Wearing out the soles of your shoes (and the palm of your hand)…

Navigating gatekeepers…

Sweet talking assistants…

Praying for appointments…

Only to be blown off by busy business owners in the end.

If that wasn’t challenging enough, now you have to deal with the ongoing lack of predictability for any of the face to face, in-person methods that were once the cornerstones of your business.

A recent study by the The Center for Exhibition Industry Research, which studies U.S. business-to-business trade shows, said that the industry fell short of their post-pandemic projections by nearly 77% and doesn’t expect a return to pre-pandemic levels for years…if ever. 2

Events Are Canceled, Travel Is Complicated, And Businesses Are Closed.

That’s the reality and if the last year and a half has shown us anything…

It’s that every business needs to have a online strategy for lead generation

None more true than for the B2B space.

Not only has B2B biz dev always been costly, time consuming, and an overall drag …

Now, with the state of the world, your traditional face-to-face lead generation methods are unpredictable and can no longer be relied upon as the primary source of new opportunities for your B2B business.

(image provided by GIPHY)

Not all is lost though – that just means you have to get good at online lead generation and business building… fast.

Ha! Well for any of us that have tried that, it’s easier said than done!

Online lead generation is difficult for any business but for B2B players it’s exceptionally hard.

Decision makers aren’t posting pictures of their lunch on Facebook or searching for your product or service on Google.

They aren’t watching cat videos on Instagram and definitely not dropping their latest dance moves on tiktok.

(Well most aren’t – image provided by Giphy)

They are busy running a business all day and inundated with solicitations by your competitors everywhere they look.

So …

How Do You Combat The Annihilation Of The B2B Business Development World AND Overcome The Hurdles To Building An Online, Inbound Lead Funnel That Actually Works?

The answer, my friend, is in this little-known digital B2B biz dev blueprint developed to leverage the largest collection of professionals anywhere on the planet…


But wait…

”LinkedIn is too expensive.”

“I don’t want to spam strangers.”

“No one clicks on LinkedIn ads!” 

“I tried LinkedIn already. It doesn’t work.”

We’ll get to all that in a minute but first some stats…

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is by far the world’s largest professional network.

At recent count, LinkedIn is at 774+M users and climbing.

What’s even better than the size of the platform though is WHO is on it.

A study showed that 4 out of 5 LinkedIn users drive business decisions at their company.

This means that 80% of those using LinkedIn are the C-suite executives, Directors, Founders, & CEO’s.

You know, all those men & women that you have been clambering to connect with… all without those pesky gatekeepers standing in the way.

This is what makes LinkedIn powerful.

The professionals on LinkedIn aren’t there to scroll past your business-focused post so they can see their cousin’s wedding photos.

They WANT to engage on those topics.

They want to grow their network, learn from experts, and understand how others are reaching their business and professional goals.

In fact, as of April of 2020 the platform reported that their content and engagement had “increased by a whopping 2,196%.”

And that’s just on the organic side.

When you apply a proven paid strategy to the platform, that’s when things get really interesting.

(More on that in a moment but… )

LinkedIn recently reported that from 2020 to 2021, their conversion rates are an average of 300% higher for B2B businesses than other platforms!

“How?” You say…

Well, that comes from combining the quality of its users with the platform’s unique interface that allows you to take targeting to the next level.

Only on LinkedIn can you laser targeting your ideal prospects down to companies, roles, titles, and job descriptions using a multi-layered approach.

The platform’s proprietary data is so rich there is no guessing if you are getting in front of the correct audience, unlike other social media platforms, like Facebook, that use a much broader set of parameters when targeting options like companies, businesses, and work titles.

If that wasn’t enough, LinkedIn also offers more readily available contact information and a direct messaging system that doesn’t involve strict filtration systems like that of other platforms.

So it’s no wonder that when you combine the quality of its members, their unique targeting abilities, and the ease of deliverability for your message why this is revolutionizing B2B business development.

Numbers Don’t Lie…

All that sounds great but what’s the bottom line?”

Well, according to research conducted by NewsCred, the ROI of LinkedIn for B2B marketing is 17.6, whereas native ads is 14.9 and Google Adwords is 3.1.

And, another survey showed that “ad clicks on LinkedIn are 500% more likely to convert to quality leads compared to Facebook.”

If you glanced past those numbers you should go back and read them again because…

Those Types Of Returns Haven’t Been Seen Since Back In The Glory Days Of Google (Circa 2000) And The Fun Days Of Facebook Back In 2008.

It means that the media is highly under priced at the moment and it won’t last long.

That’s why the industry leading, Demand Wave’s State of B2B Digital Marketing report, crowned LinkedIn the number one social network for lead generation for businesses.

It is clear…the abundance, speed, and quality of leads for B2B business on this network cannot be matched by any other platform, online or off.

And Do You Want To Hear The Best Part Of It All?

Only 15% Of Marketers Are Creating Content For The Platform!

Could you imagine going to the world’s largest trade show, where your best customers are neatly categorized for you, easily accessible, and are all sitting around waiting to have an interesting conversation…and 85% of your competition decided to stay home?

What would that do for your business?

So How Do I Do It?

Even the most stock fishing hole requires the best bait & tackle if you want to really reel ’em in.

That’s why we went to Ben Kniffen and his team at LinkedSelling, who helped us put together our winning LinkedIn lottery ticket, to give you the same gameplan.

What they’ve forged has paved the way for the best B2B marketers in the biz to take full advantage of the opportunities on Linkedin right now.

It’s called the S.C.A.L.E Method. 

What’s special about their methodology is that LinkedSelling has developed a battle-tested, proven approach that applies cutting-edge online, direct response strategies to the old-school world of B2B business development.

The combination is a game changer.

Their blueprint has paved the way so you can easily create your own automated, inbound B2B appointment making machine in a fraction of the time.

By the end of this training you will have a proven funnel driving consistent clicks, calls, & customers for your B2B business.

Here’s How It Works…

In Module 1,

Ben & his team are going to introduce you to the LinkedIn platform and do a deep dive on the advantages it holds over other social media sites.

After the foundation is laid, they will show you how to use the different dashboards in a step by step fashion so you never feel lost, confused, or intimidated.

You don’t need to be a tech genius to unlock the amazing power of this platform and they are going to make sure none of those tech hang ups get in the way of you building an automated customer acquisition machine for your company.

By the end of Module 1, you’ll have a full understanding of what’s possible for your business and how to do all the technical stuff like reading reports and navigate the dashboards like a pro!

Module 2,

… is all about who you are going after & how.

You’ll start with the overall blueprint of their proven approach so you understand how your whole campaign is going to flow from beginning to end.

(But here’s a hint: it starts with you being positioned as a trusted guide and authority in your specific niche.)

That means that your customers are now going to seek you out as someone who can help them as opposed to be viewed as another “door to door salesperson”

Now once that’s clear, they are going to show you how to laser target the best leads and how that lead converts from click to a call.

But this isn’t just about theory.

Once that the full picture is in sight, it’s time to map out the micro steps to success so you will begin to create consistent lead flow and a predictable volume of high-quality conversations in real time.

By the end of this Module, you will have a crystal clear picture of exactly how you are going to instantly gain more leads using fewer resources all while positioning yourself as a trusted advisor and authority in your niche.

This clear & tested roadmap has already been battle-tested so you’re cutting out the learning curve to apply this proven process on the most powerful platform in the B2B game.

Once this is in place you transition from competing for clients to DOMINATING your industry.

From there we jump to Module 3.

Here, the crew from LinkedSelling is going to show you the real power of this funnel which is in the follow up and sales process.

They will break down their four-part methodology for what happens after the click to fill your calendar with warm, eager, and ready to go appointments.

But not only that, they are also going to give you what to say to get those MQLs (most qualified leads) to convert to customers once you’ve got them on the line.

This is how your now steady flow of warm prospects are going to turn into calls in your cue and money in the bank!

Then finally, in Module 4,

You will discover how to scale and automate this profitable process for predictable growth.

Once applied, you now truly have an on-demand, inbound client acquisition machine running in the background of your B2B business.

By the end of this module you will know exactly how you are going to go from click to call to customer using this proven process.

That is where true freedom lies and where you get released from the daily grind so you can focus on the growth, scale, and leadership of your organization.

Now, You Might Be Asking Yourself…

“Isn’t LinkedIn Expensive?”

Yes, LinkedIn traditionally requires a higher ad spend than other platforms.

However, if that’s your focus, I would ask whether you are looking at your advertising budget as a cost or an investment?

When you look at the current stats… click through rates are 5 times higher, conversation rates are 3 times higher, and ROAS is 6 times higher than that of Google or Facebook… knowing that, what could be a better investment for your advertising dollars.

If for every dollar you gave Facebook, they gave you $3 back, and for every dollar you gave LinkedIn they gave you $15 back, would you worry how many dollars it took?

Plus LinkedIn users have shown to have 2x the buying power of the average web audience compared to the rest of the net so that means you can spend more to make more which makes scaling your campaigns much easier all around.

Apples to apples, I would argue that LinkedIn is actually the most undervalued media available in today’s marketplace.

And it’s definitely less expensive than booking booths at conventions, flying around the country to trade shows, and listing your company in those directories no one ever reads, right?!

“I don’t click on LinkedIn ads. Does anybody click on those?”

Simple answer: Yes.

It goes back to the marketer’s core motto…

“The right message, at the right time, to the right people.”

I would submit to you that most marketers are only doing one or two of those correctly and, if you aren’t clicking on the ads you see, that’s my case in point.

It either doesn’t resonate with you, it’s not important to you at that moment, or it’s not applicable to your business.

When you follow along with the proven formula that LinkedSelling has already battle-tested you’ll hit the bullseye on all three and watch the clicks, calls, and customers come rolling in.

“That reminds me…what about iOS14, none of my online funnels are working right now?”

Maybe the best part about what the team for LinkedSelling has done is found a way to eliminate the iOS14 effect.

That’s right! This may be the only approach on the planet that the privacy roll outs have little to no effect.

See, their proprietary approach hasn’t really been touched by the iOS effect because they use lead forms as our primary means of capture, and that happens on platform, so the changes to the 3rd party tracking doesn’t have much effect.

Your tracking will be nearly one-to-one because of that approach!

Other companies use a direct conversion strategy which makes it susceptible to the privacy changes but LinkedSelling’s process negates that with a specific integration software to pull your back end, 1st party data which they will cover in this workshop.

Also most users on LinkedIn are on their desktop because they are at work which insulates from the mobile privacy barriers as well.

SO…the point is you don’t need to worry about iOS14 ruining your marketing attempts when you follow this process.

“I tried LinkedIn already. It doesn’t work.”

9 times out of 10 when others are having success, it’s not the platform that’s the problem, it’s the approach.

LinkedSelling has solved that for you by testing and optimizing their strategy for years so that you can cut out the learning curve (and cost) to figuring it out on your own.

That said, their proven approach, and LinkedIn as a platform, are best suited for B2B businesses and professional services (such as coaching, consulting, etc) so if you are looking to launch a B2C campaign there may be better options available to you.

“I don’t want to spam strangers all day.”

The whole foundation of this strategy is set upon positioning you as a helpful guide to your prospects and an authority in your marketplace.

This content based strategy coupled with the world’s best access to your ideal prospects and using cutting edge, direct response based principles will attract, capture, and convert those leads into customers without ever being “sales-y” or spammy.

Ben Kniffen says it here best…

So The Plan Is Easy…

#1 Get Enrolled In The Workshop Today

It’s quick & easy and you will get instant access when you jump in today.

#2 Build Your B2B Business Development Machine

This workshop is fun, comprehensive, and result-orientated so you will leave with everything you need to begin generating a high volume of consistent, well-qualified leads and appointments for your B2B business.

#3 Follow The Formula.

The team from LinkedSelling tells you exactly what to do to fuel, optimize, and scale to reach your desired results.

#4 Watch The Funnel Fill Your Calendars

Watch as your clicks, calls, and customers start racking up!

#5 Share Your Success With The Community.

Your incredible success will give others the confidence to keep going and blow up their B2B businesses too!

The Choice Is Simple…

Do you feel your business’s best days are in front of you or behind you?

The decision is clear. You can stay on course and continue to…

  • Fight upstream struggling to get inconsistent leads
  • Get frustrated with unqualified prospects who waste your time
  • Burn your valuable resources on lead gen strategies that are get diminishing results
  • Lose the leads and customers you already have to competitors that understand this strategy
  • Grind it out, pressing the flesh every day while being rejected over & over
  • Be treated just like the next obnoxious door-to-door salesperson
  • And suffer from the lack of quantity & quality of traffic you need for your business to survive and thrive


You can use this digital B2B Blueprint to…

  • Create a consistent flood of clicks, calls, and customers for you company on-demand
  • Have your company be seen as a valuable, helpful solution in the marketplace
  • Position yourself as a subject matter expert by your peers and prospects
  • Overcome the challenges to the unpredictable nature of the B2B business model in the modern age
  • No longer compete in your marketplace but DOMINATE the competition
  • Experience the relief and excitement that comes with consistent lead flow, quality conversations, and predictable growth for your company

All while cutting out the learning curve by just applying this clear & tested roadmap to where you want to go!

You’ve read this far, it’s clear you want to transform your life and business, so join the team at LinkSelling this Thursday to download their battle-test blueprint into your B2B business development and reap the rewards for years to come!

Workshop Agenda

  • Intro & Part 1 Intro to LinkedIn Ads & Setting Benchmarks
  • Part 2 Ad Strategy & Creative
  • Part 3 Follow-Up & Sales Process
  • Part 4 Optimizing & Scaling Your LinkedIn Ads
  • Part 5 Workshop Closing & Final Thoughts

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