$100K Blueprint : 8 Week Shopify Training Program – Dan DaSilva



$100K Blueprint : 8 Week Shopify Training Program – Dan DaSilva


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$100K Blueprint : 8 Week Shopify Training Program – Dan DaSilva



This is the only payment you need to make for the 100k Blueprint system. Lifetime membership and bonuses are included with this package.



3 small payment of $497 once every 30 days from date of purchase. With this package you get lifetime access to 100k Blueprint system and exclusive bonuses.



5 small payments of $397 once every 30 days from date of purchase. With this package you get lifetime access to 100k Blueprint system and exclusive bonuses.

The 100k blueprint is a gadget this is sponsored with MILLIONS of greenbacks in pupil outcomes. Aside from being one of the few structures withinside the globe that ACTUALLY works, we’re proud to be the primary and most effective gadget that train our college students a way to create an extended-term, passive enterprise.

100K Blueprint is validated and stands the check of time. With over 6+ months of improvement, we have got crafted the primary gadget this is validated to get YOU rapid outcomes without all of the hazards and VERY minimum effort.

Do you’ve got 3-five hours in line with day to set apart and paintings for your 100K Blueprint? If you do, we’ve college students presently making everywhere from $1,000- $10,000 in line with day with only some hours in line with day. You could have get admission to the equal blueprint that the ones college students have get admission to too, AND MORE.

They most effectively had a FRACTION of the TOOK Blueprint – you will have the entire thing. Imagine growing your first site… only some hours of a while… 2 pages… or heck, even 1 page… and BOOM! Start sending visitors the usage of out 100K Formula and you may begin seeing REAL earnings flooding your accounts.

What this gadget will do for you is like none different…. simply take a look at out why we’re different… This is the primary ever little by little method that NO ONE has ever visible before.

You study that correctly… you may have 1 unmarried website…. with some pages…. and most effective dedicating some hours of a while in line with week….. you may effortlessly tun that into $100,000 withinside the subsequent ninety days.

You will discover ways to automate the complete method from begin to complete so in the course of a 12 months duration you may effortlessly stroll away with $100,000 profit.

Mark your calendar due to the fact whilst you get internal these days you begin our ninety days challenge… we EXPECT you to get REAL outcomes that you may come returned to us with… We FORCE achievement upon you.

Remember that is a constructing enterprise model… That method you may construct one time and maintain constructing or permit it run on entire autopilot as you develop different websites. Your ability is sky high – as a whole lot as you need it to be. We will assist you to cross from NOTHING to over $100,000 in ninety days and after which you want to maintain developing and scaling.

If you observe the whole lot we train you $100,000 in ninety days can be SO SMALL in comparison to the $100,000 you may doubtlessly be making each month.

Just consider what you may do with $100,000 in line with month… spend greater time together along with your own circle of relatives finally? Or possibly take your family to an area you may most effectively see in movies?

Just maintain in mind – humans with LESS than you’ve got used this gadget to do $200,000+ in 60 days or heck… even $20,000 in 30 days. The earnings you may generate from that is existence converting there may be absolute confidence approximately that… BUT you want to invite yourself, “Am I prepared for this?” If the solution is YES, you’re on the proper spot.

What will it take for us that will help you attain your goals?

Let me display you what you get whilst you get internal of the 100K Blueprint.



The foundation to the NEW $100K business model that will have you generating thousands this week without any prior experience.


Quickly getting started with any platform and the 7 simple tweaks to any new store that will double or triple your profits with a few simple tweaks.


FaceBook Techniques that are working right NOW that no-one is sharing such as manual bidding and video based ads.


Scaling your ads and how we went from $0 to over $1,500+ per day from scratch on the VERY FIRST DAY!


The exact $853,322.11 influencer campaign started we used that you can carbon copy with ease.


How you can use funnels to cash out and how you can be using funnels like the ones you learned here today to generate $50,000 months over and over again


Scaling your business to $100,000 per month on complete autopilot using this ONE simple strategy – have EVERYTHING automated for you.


Advanced FaceBook Ad Strategies to scale your ads from $100 per day to over $1,000 per day with ease


We cover DEEPLY how to use email to increase your profit IMMENSELY with our 10 day post sale sequence that has been proven to 2X your profit (never shared before)


Using sources like Bing to tap into a completely new market you never could have before to triple your profits.


Pricing strategies to ENSURE you aren’t working for pennies. Rather – we are going to show you how you can use PREMIER pricing structures to sell your products for 300-400% MORE than what you are purchasing them for.


AMA – throughout the last 11 weeks you will have questions and this is an entire week every day full of LIVE Q&A sessions where you get your questions answered LIVE!

That’s just the start of this amazing system….

As a matter of fact you are going to be getting access to MORE that we have spent THOUSANDS In development on. Meaning you will walk away with a complete suite of tools that will help you shortcut this entire process.

We know you cannot do this alone so we needed to make sure you had EVERYTHING possible for you to win this uphill battle. We were set on showing you how to grow a business from NOTHING to over $100,000 in 90 days….

Then we will take it to the next phase….

Go From $100K in 90 Days To $100k Per Month

You are going to build an incredible 6 figure empire starting this year… We wanted to make sure you had every tool possible needed for this to happen so we’ve decided to give you something (on us)

You’re About to Start Your $100,000 Journey and Build A Massive Empire In The Next 90 Days


  1. We are going to guide you step by step through every part of this system. You get access to Dan Dasilva and his entire support team including his 7 figure coaches and mentors at a click of a button or whenever you need.
  2. We have developed this system to ensure your time is NEVER wasted. If you have 1-2 hours per day to dedicate to creating a 6 figure business this year, this is exactly the system you’ve been waiting for.
  3. You will learn how you can use FaceBook’s own money before you ever have to dish out your own. Meaning you see in-depth how you can have FaceBook ‘loan’ you advertising capital so you never have to come out of pocket.
  4. If you’ve never set up a website like this one, we will walk you through the entire step by step process and even show you HOW to create these sites If you live OUTSIDE the USA so you never encounter any problems and get paid RIGHT to the bank of your choice.
  5. There are NO Upsells and nothing else you have to pur- chase. Tills Is a complete package that we keep you up to date on and never leave anything from you. We provide you with themes and even products you can add to your store.
  6. If you have other businesses you are working on, that Is COM-PLETELY fine. This business model works in HARMONY with whatever business you are currently doing. We’ve had success stores from all over the world in hundreds of different industries.
  7. This is the EASIEST way to achieve the freedom you’ve been dreaming of. You will finally be able to spend COUNTLESS hours with your family simply because you got inside and started this amazing business system.

I am so assured on this device I am going to position my cash in which my mouth is… I ought to warn you, that is going to surprise you because it has bowled over THOUSANDS. Why?

Simply due to the fact, nobody else can provide coverage like this on YOUR cash. We recognize your figure difficult to your cash and we need to SECURE it. Think of this as our ‘coverage coverage’ in your difficult earned cash so we need you to have zero motives to take action. If you’re inclined to position up your personal cash we can return it with our 100$ hour cash returned assure and $500 returned.

Yes, we GIVE you cash in case you use our device and also you see no results. Not simplest will we pay you to your time however we additionally steady your cash so that you will NEVER EVER worry approximately losing it.

So allow me to cross in advance and positioned this in easier terms….

If withinside the subsequent 24 hours, in case you do not sense as though the 100K blueprint is really well worth some time or it is now no longer proper for you, we’re going to come up with each unmarried dime you spent with us proper returned to you…. no questions…. no argument…. nothing.

Plus we’re going to be placing our cash in which our mouth is and giving you $500 out of our personal wallet as an ‘Insurance Policy’ in your coins in case you do not make any cash the usage of the 100K Blueprint.

If you operate the device right all the way down to technology and comply with our instructions clearly, you figure with us and our coaches, ask questions, have interaction with the excessive earners withinside the network and positioned forth each attempt feasible to make this give you the results you want there may be no cause WHY you will now no longer be profitable.

We are arming you with all of the gear and assets you want… now no longer even to say the schooling we’re giving you, this is sponsored with MILLIONS of greenbacks in results.

This is a totally profitable possibility which you were fortunate sufficient to stumble upon.

However we can’t preserve the doorways open and preserve all our individuals happy at one time…. so we should near it down after the 7 day term is over.

Meaning you want to make your choice NOW…. TODAY…. FAST. You want to determine in case you are going to extrade your existence or preserve procrastinating and watching for something to magically show up to you. It absolutely is your choice and we’re positive you may make the proper one. Don’t forget, you are not the simplest one that needs you to succeed. You have your own circle of relatives and those who NEED you. Don’t allow them to down due to the fact you’re terrified of failure.

Look ahead to listening to and getting to know you extra approximately you. See you inside.

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